Write your first poem!

Poetry is clear expression of mixed feelings

Writing a poem is surely not a cup of tea until you know the ways to stir your brain. But by the time you reach the last line of this blog you’ll have your poem in your head. Here I’m gonna give you some tips on writing your very first poem and will share my own poem at the end. Okay. So let’s get started.

1. Find a place where you’ve less distractions

This isn’t necessary but yeah you need some time to analyse the things that has happened to you. The things you wanna share in your poem. Relax. Keep a blank sheet and your favourite pen in front of you and stare at them for a while. Isn’t it tempting? Soon you’ll have thoughts oozing out your head.

2. “Wish I could punch him in his face! ” , “Am I falling for this other guy. But I have a boyfriend! Noo. Stop thinking please “,

If you’re wondering what these were I’m very sorry to tell you that these are forbidden thoughts. The ones you don’t wanna think about, but your mind does it anyway. You wanna stop but you just can’t help it. So maybe putting these thoughts on a paper can make you see them from a distance. I mean not in your head anymore. Writing poems can help you make your mind healthy.

Like this one poem I’ve written below called “Forbidden thoughts”. I didn’t want to spill these out but to make out a poem I had to give out something.

Forbidden thoughts

By : Alisha Rai

I see my father’s face wrecked, spilling red, When the gas tanker hit it
I see my mother, slipping from the road,
& her violet scooty graving her inside the ground

I see my sister in her grey & white school uniform, grabbed by black masks.
Not in dreams but when I’m awake with my eyes

Open or close. But I’m awake.
As awake as I am I want to get rid of unwanted thoughts and this place.
Steal some from the atm and run away to
Some place I’d been before but couldn’t be myself
Cause i wasn’t alone.
You know family and friends.

Maybe I’d wanna run away cause it’s boring,
In here everybody wants to be different
Ponds pretending to be lakes
While lakes are just invisible.

& I don’t want to think all these but my brain thinks them anyway.

I’m not really confident about my poem but I’d like to discuss every line I wrote.

Actually there are two forbidden thoughts here in this poem. Overlapped.

Recently I’ve found out that I’m frightened all the time, of stray dogs and rabies, of small insects and swollen red skin,of mosquitoes and malaria, of speaking out in public and insults, of slipping down a staircase and fracture, of going to shopping and getting fooled, of people and their anger. Of another hundreds of things. But the thing I’m mostly afraid of is the death of people I love and adore and is depended on. I don’t want to think about accidents and kidnapping cases. But I see images of this happening to my family. Whenever my father sits behind the wheels I’m just terrified praying to God for his safe return and asking him to drive cautiously. The same things happen when mother gets on her scooty. I see her face in the rear view mirror and pray for that might be the last time I’m seeing her beautiful, clean, “unsmashed” face. When my sister comes home from school I advice her on what she should dress like or how she should place her school bag in front of her chest and stomach when she takes a sit in the bus. I also show her how to blind a guy or man or an old man with the thumbs if they behave inappropriately.

I’m always afraid of mishappenings.

The other forbidden thought in this poem is how I want to run away somewhere else with cash from the atm. I’m really not supposed to think this way. But I feel so captured in and roped that I can’t help thinking about running away. No specific reason other than this place being boring.

Again, you can write poems about all the other things. Not just your thoughts. There are happy poems too. People write them all the time. But I think this is the best way to start writing poems.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


So, to here I’ll be posting one poetry writing prompt each day with a poem of mine I wrote using that particular prompt.

Stay tuned.

By the end if this week you’ll have written three poems with me.

Thank you my “Choco dolops

Please, say you liked it 😉

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